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For Insurance Coverage
Document and appraise your personal property to ensure that you are protected with adequate insurance coverage before a damage/loss claim. Your insurance company may not cover items that are not included in a recent appraisal report. 
Compliant Appraisal Reports
Qualified professional appraisers are required to comply with the current standards in appraisal report writing, set forth by The Appraisal Foundation (USPAP). Appraisers are held to the strict standards of the profession, including: competency, ethics, confidentiality, methodology, documentation, market analysis and record keeping. The type of value used, typically Fair Market Value and Replacement Value - Comparable for Personal Property, and the different approaches to value must be identified in appraisal reports. Some frequent uses of appraisal reports: 

We are available to travel to appraisal assignments outside the local area. Call us for a free preliminary consultation.                         
We look forward to serving you to meet your appraisal objectives. 

​Ann Marenakos, Accredited Senior Appraiser, ASA-FA
​                               Chubb Masterpiece Protection Preferred Provider
Estate Purposes & Donations
Provide a USPAP and IRS compliant appraisal report by a qualified appraiser with your Charitable Contribution or Gift Tax filing. Accurately determine the current market value of your personal property for division of property or estate planning.   
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Home/Office Inventory Report
We create fine art/antiques inventories for estate planning, multi-residential tracking, downsizing, and for your peace of mind. You may even discover that you are living with treasures!